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Special Agarwood and Sandalwood handicraft made in Indonesia

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Cendanacraft.com is an online website selling a range of products from quality precious wood, such as: sandalwood / sandalwood, gaharu / agarwood and kaukkah wood that we import from Egypt.

  • Sandalwood

    Cendanacraft.com is a company that presents special Indonesia crafting, with the reliable main material product that is "SANDALWOOD", which produced by Nusa Tengara Timur (East Lesser Sunda). This is pure managed by Nusa Tenggara public self. Cendanacraft.com can produce some products. And can produce in gross and still take care the quality of the product.

  • Agarwood

    commonly called agarwood or gaharu, is a timber used for perfumes and craft materials that are widely used by many people in the world. we have many kinds of aloes from various areas, such as: Aquilaria Filaria of Papua, Aquilaria Malacensis of Borneo, Ankaras, Kemedangan, and soa-soa and boaya Aloes which we have guaranteed authenticity, for further information, please contact:

  • Kaukkah

    Kaukkah is wood exported directly from Egypt. which is unique because it has its own characteristics which is smooth, strong and beautiful. kaukkah widely used as accessories and places of worship, such as: Bracelet, Rosary, beads, etc. Processed with modern techniques that produce handicrafts is unique kaukkah. for further information, please contact: Click here

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